Our Vision

Digital By Default

As the demands placed upon internal IT departments within the public sector continue to increase, the reality is that satisfaction levels are declining. We believe that much of this disconnect is due to the ongoing consumerisation of IT. Citizens and business leaders are demanding IT environments & services comparable to the consumer grade cloud and mobile applications that are readily available in their personal lives.

So, how can Shaping Cloud help? We bring a wealth of expertise in delivering high quality, modern apps and services that can help to close this perception gap. We recognise the challenges that Government IT has had in providing user-friendly technologies for their employees and citizens whilst also managing a large and increasing number of line-of-business legacy IT systems. Our approach is built making the digital experience of accessing government services as seamless and intuitive for users as the apps they use on a daily basis.

New With Less

We always recommend that our clients take the technology solutions that are already in place and incorporate rich analytics. This instantly delivers hard data on how applications are actually being used within the enterprise. Mobile dashboards and in-app analytics make it possible to show exactly how users are engaging with a product and can inform decisions on how to improve business processes and where to place bets on new innovations.

We believe that Government IT needs to evolve from being a central provider of all things tech, to an innovation partner, an enabler, a broker of best-of-breed capabilities across the enterprise – and this is where Shaping Cloud can add value. We have helped our clients build modern, robust APIs, which enable developers, both internally and externally, create innovative solutions on top of the existing enterprise systems and capabilities. We are also champions of the Agile development methodology and have helped several council teams to become Agile.

Our History

Founder & CEO Carlos Oliveira formed the company after leaving an IT Architect career that included spells with Accenture, Merrill Lynch and UBS. By identifying the revolution that was taking place in technology and the way people consume it, he saw the area of Platform as a Service (PaaS) as a way for agile and focused SME's to go toe-to-toe with the largest of competitors.

Working in partnership with Microsoft, Shaping Cloud's success has been built on top of the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The platform gives us the ability to tap directly into Microsoft’s own enterprise Infrastructure used to deliver services such as Skype, Office 365, Bing and Xbox and use it to deliver our own products and services.

We have striven to become the thought leaders in the Microsoft Cloud and co-founded the UK Windows Azure User Group over 3 years ago. With over 40 events organised in that time including 2 Global Windows Azure Bootcamps. Our technical articles have been featured several times on Microsoft’s own MSDN Blog and our solutions have been case studied, including the important work carried out in conjunction with the University of Sheffield on building a cloud based tool that directly aims to help companies calculate and reduce the carbon emissions in their supply chains.

With 4 years of focus and countless deliveries on top of the platform, Shaping Cloud are in a position where as the market demands more and more Azure expertise - The number of MSDN subscribers running workloads in Azure has doubled in the past few months, we have built a portfolio of IP and internal systems knowledge that allows us to iterate faster and deploy production ready solutions in a fraction of the time it would take some of our larger competitors who do not have the background of delivery on the platform.

Our Management Team

Our management team brings together a wealth of expertise in the technology and public sector industries underpinned by a total commitment to delivering solutions that make a difference to the people they serve.

Our Offices

Manchester Office

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London Office

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