This week we were happy to announce that we were the winners of the Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA) Environmental Data Challenge.

As a result we will be building an innovative Windows 8 application that will provide citizens with real-time environmental data.

The application will be showcased in Athens at the Future Internet Assembly in the week commencing 17 March.

We believe that sustainability and the environment are vital to the wellbeing of people who live, work and play in busy cities and urban environments.

On May 29th, we will be delivering a Microsoft CityNext webinar on Bringing Citizen & Citizen Data to Life exploring how local authorities and citizens can fully exploit open data and cloud technologies to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable places to live.

The webinar will provide local authorities with the opportunity to understand how open data can be applied in practical ways using low-cost, agile and secure cloud technologies to empower government, business and citizens to shape the future of their city.

To register your place on this webinar, please email

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