Integration Challenge

Frog is a powerful and fully integrated learning platform, progress tracking and assessment Virtual Learning Environment that is deployed in over 10,000 schools around the world. As more and more of those schools began to migrate to the Microsoft Office 365 platform they identified a need to integrate the features of 365 into the immersive Frog OS environments РEmails, Calendars and Documents all needed to be synced between the 2 in order to give users a unified experience.

Shaping Cloud were asked to assist in building an API for Office 365 that would handle all of the heavy lifting of the integration and allow the Frog team to concentrate on the end user experience.

Building a bridge

The team set about the process of building out an API for the team at Frog that could handle a wide range of 365 functionality and unify the experience across single sign-in, Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive. In doing so it became clear that the challenge faced by Frog was a common one across a wide range of industries and that a solution such as the one we were building could have a much wider set of integrations and functionality. It was here that the concept for Spinr was born and the team moved forward with the dual aim of meeting the specific needs of Frog and the wider need for a nicer way to build integrations between line of business systems and cloud software.

Much of the work done for Frog came well in advance of Microsoft creating the Unified APIs that are available today and still much of the functionality built into our API simply isn’t available through the official route. As the solution moved from Alpha into Beta and the first schools came on-board further enhancement were made in order to support a multi-tenancy approach and a new rapid-deployment system allowed new schools to self-service the connection between Frog and 365.

Today the project is a great demonstration of the power that APIs have in unlocking efficiency and productivity gains in modern and legacy software. It was the seed that sowed the Spinr platform and it is something that the team take great pride in.



Running the Frog OS Virtual Learning Environment



Engaging with the software in order to learn, share and play.



Serviced by the Spinr 365 connector for Frog schools