The Big Idea

Revolutionising the social media scene the new Givvit app allows users to go one step further than a message and introduces ‘Social Treating’. Now you can reach out with something more thoughtful and tangible than media and give real-life treats to family, friends and fellow colleagues – a celebratory drink, a Monday morning coffee, birthday chocolates… all through an innovative app. No more going to a shop, no wrapping, no postage – just immediate treats you send from your phone. Straight away your contact gets a notification that they have a treat to redeem from you, along with a personalised message.

The platform has since been expanded to also incorporate Givvit For Business, a portal aimed at businesses in order to allow them to send treats to their employees and customers.

Building the platform

The challenge for Shaping Cloud was to build what was in effect a new kind of digital wallet and payment mechanic whilst staying true to the lean principles required for a start-up. From a technology platform perspective the decision was to leverage Platform as a Service and Azure Mobile Services. This gave us a rich cloud back-end with which we could deliver an API, authentication, push messages and notifications all with minimal code.

The front end of the app was built using AngularJS and then wrapped using Cordova to give a native experience across iOS and Android. 3rd party integrations were used to enhance the overall user experience and to hand-off areas of the app that were not considered core to the app experience.


James Cullen, Givvit

Working with Shaping Cloud has been a true partnership, they have supported the platform right from initial concept through to design, build and launch.



Sent since the app went live



Available to send on the platform and growing all the time


treat partners

Nationwide brands such as Pizza Express, M&S and Caffe Nero with many more to come