A new kind of workforce

When Red Bull approached Shaping Cloud they were looking for a way to increase process efficiency and communication between their HQ and their remote field sales reps. The reps were out visiting clients and prospects every day and they found it increasingly difficult to keep up with the different marketing campaigns the brand was running as well as all of the admin that was required when an order was placed.

They wanted us to undertake a Discovery phase in order to help design a field sales application that would allow the team to spend more time speaking to their customers and less time travelling back to the office.

Digitally Transforming

The result of this phase and the resulting Alpha and Beta phases is that we’ve helped Red Bull UK improve their sales experience, for customers and staff alike. Turning paper-based processes into a mobile app with real-time, on-site training, demos, costings and orders. In the ‘Launchpad’ information is shared quickly, and controlled securely, with built-in intelligence to present different functionality depending on the Red Bull employee’s profile. Streamlining & speeding up how staff perform key customer-facing activities in a way that really reflects the brand’s focus on performance excellence.



In terms of further expansion, Red Bull is targeting the core markets of Western Europe and the USA and growth markets in the Far East.



Employed by the company in 2015



A total of 5.957 billion cans of Red Bull were sold worldwide in 201