What We Stand For

Being on the Customer’s side

We never approach a client's problem with an answer already in mind. It sounds simple enough, but we've seen how once an IT organisation reaches a certain mass then the focus is no longer on the client need but on internal scorecards and metrics. Rather than thinking "Is this the best solution for my client?" the attitude is "what tools and technologies can I sell to help me hit my target?". We always have the customers interests at heart and this extends to saying when we aren't the right people to deliver what they are requesting. Our focus is on being trusted and valued partners not simply suppliers.

Improving People's Lives

We are privileged to work in an industry where the things we do and the things we make have the power to improve people's lives. Whether that be reducing the cost of delivering IT in the public sector to allow more to be invested in front-line services, or through building a data platform for the UK Agriculture Industry we always keep the bigger picture in mind. It should be every businesses duty to try to help others, fundraising is a vital lifeline for many charities and we will always support important causes. The team are always thinking of ways where we can make a difference through our skills and our talent - it's why every member of staff has two charity days per year.

Our History

2010: Born In The Cloud

When Microsoft Azure launched in 2010, offering a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that enabled developers to build and deploy cloud based software it caught the attention of founder Carlos Oliveira, at the time working as a Technical Architect within Investment Banking. Seeing the potential in the new platform he left his career and formed the company in July 2010. Shaping Cloud began to rapidly build a reputation for delivering innovative solutions on Azure, our work with the University of Sheffield on carbon emissions in the supply chain being one of the first Azure case studies on the Microsoft site.

That heritage continues today and we are proud of how many business and other Microsoft partners we have helped over the years. We have worked in partnership with Microsoft to initiatives for the likes of the BBC, Harper Collins, Oxford University Press, Tompson Reuters and Red Bull. Our innovative software has enabled those organisations to harness the Microsoft Cloud to deliver better experiences to their clients and their staff.

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2013: Infrastructure Services

As the range of services in Azure began to grow and with the introduction of a full IaaS solution in mid-2013, we began the process of building a new Infrastructure team within the business. After a year of recruiting and planning SC:Transform was launched. SC:Transform is a service designed specifically to address the needs of organisations looking to drive digital transformation and embrace a new way of delivering IT. We recognise that moving to the Microsoft Cloud is a long and complex journey and SC:Transform has been designed to guide customers through the process. We work as a trusted partner to help customers exploit the benefits of cloud, providing a full end to end service that takes a customer from thinking about how cloud can help their organisation, through to a fully working cloud and hybrid environment.

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2015: A Product Future

Our long term ambition had always been to harness the in-house skills and expertise we have built up around the Azure platform and begin to harness them into creating our own software products. This vision was realised with the launch of foiPRO (www.foipro.com) in 2015. The first cloud based software tool purely built to reduce the burden of FOI for organisations who fall under the Act.

At the same time the company secured funding from the EU in the form of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University to continue the research and development of Spinr. The platform originated from the number of client engagements helping them in their “mixed economy” where they had moved certain aspects of their business to the cloud, such as Office 365 or Dynamics CRM but large areas remained stuck in an on premise model. Spinr solves that problem by abstracting legacy applications and making them available as modern API-based services, creating a bridge from old-world software to the new-world of cloud and mobile first.

Our Management Team

Our management team brings together a wealth of expertise in the technology and public sector industries underpinned by a total commitment to delivering solutions that make a difference to the people they serve.

  • CEO & Founder

    Carlos Oliveira

    Carlos formed Shaping Cloud in 2010 after leaving a career in Investment Banking IT. He has overseen the company's rapid growth and expansion from software development into infrastructure services and now products.

  • Director

    James Whittingham

    As an early investor into Shaping Cloud in 2011, James has played a key role as a trusted advisor and board member. With a wealth of commercial experience, he has helped to create several key partnerships and joint ventures.

  • CTO

    Tom Carter

    After joining Shaping Cloud in 2011 Tom quickly established himself as an indispensable member of the team. Having led countless successful projects he was made CTO in 2015 to guide the company's product vision.

  • Board Advisor

    Richard Heald

    Richard is the CEO and founder of CallSquad a sales development platform that Shaping Cloud helped to launch in 2015. Having advised and mentored the management team in an informal capacity he became a board advisor in 2016.

  • Financial Advisor

    Martin West

    A partner at accountancy firm Burgess Hodgson, Martin has a particular interest in technology and has been working with Shaping Cloud since 2013.

  • NED

    Mark Quartermaine

    Since leaving IBM in 2001 Mark served as COO on the board of NSB Retail and was Head of Public Sector at BT Global Services. He then moved to be the CEO at Azzurri Communications and a Non-Executive Director at Prologic plc, which was successfully sold in 2012.

  • Director of Consultancy Services

    Martyn Forrest

    A senior public sector IT professional with over 25 years experience at Director level and a successful track record of delivery, including successfully implementing information systems in healthcare settings. Martyn joined Shaping Cloud in 2017 to oversee and steer our consultancy operations.