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Cloud infrastructure vs data centre – which is right for your business?

Cloud computing is growing increasingly popular, yet many business owners continue to choose the path of the traditional inhouse data centre. You may be asking yourself “why move to the cloud at all?” – but the truth is there are many benefits to consider.

The difference between cloud and traditional infrastructure

Traditional infrastructures are handled inhouse. So your data storage, your computing, your processing, and all other associated tasks are handled in your internal IT department. Whether it’s an actual department or just a server and hard drive in your back room, that’s a traditional data centre.

The cloud takes the same principle and shifts the location, to put it simply. The processing, computing, and data storage is all handled by remote servers hosted and managed by your cloud service provider. Is one better than the other? Well, actually, yes.

The path to scalable computing

Scalability is essential for every business when it comes to their computing requirements. Every single business is unified by the fact that their computing needs change and develop over time. You have a plan of business growth, and through every stage of it you’re going to require different levels of processing, data transmission, data storage, security, and accessibility.

Cloud computing gives you that by allowing you to easily tailor your package. Because the processing, computing, and storage power is not handled on your side, you’re not limited by your own infrastructure. Your cloud provider will always have more storage and processing power available if and when you need it, rather than you needing to constantly invest ahead of time. It allows you to be more reactive with your expenditure.

Only pay for what you use

Another benefit the cloud can offer over traditional data centres is affordability. The convenience and ease with which you can tailor your service package means you’re only ever paying for the service you actually need, rather than investing up front in “potential”.

For example, if you have your website hosted via the cloud you can pay for a package that’s suitable to your level of web traffic. As your business grows more popular and the amount of traffic to your website increases, you can gradually alter your service package in kind. That means your customers are always given a reliable, secure, and responsive browsing experience, and you’re only paying for the service you really need.

Using the cloud allows you to make every penny of your investment counts, which is especially important for smaller businesses.

A versatile service, tailored to you

There are so many possibilities when you use the cloud, that it allows you to shape a service package to your individual needs. Everything from cloud storage of your important data, to remote desktops, software infrastructure management, and all points in between are possible using the cloud.

When you work with a reputable cloud services provider, they will be with you every step of the way. It’ll start with consultation to determine your unique requirements and establish the right service platform for you. It’ll then move onto installation and data migration to establish your cloud presence. Following that you’ll transition to managed cloud services, where your cloud provider will work with you constantly to ensure you’re receiving the computing, storage, and processing power you need, in as secure manner possible. This gives you the tools you need to facilitate your business growth.

Using the services of enterprising cloud professionals allows you to gain the benefit of new technological insights, software, and data resources.


Working with a specialist partner

The only thing you need to consider with the cloud is making sure you choose a partner with the experience, the ideas, and the dedication required to give you the service your business needs. They will help your business grow, providing support every step of the way. For that, you need a company like Shaping Cloud. Call us today to learn more about our tailored cloud services.


If you have questions, or would like to speak to a member of the team about your infrastructure and your Cloud opportunities, please get in touch!

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