Case Study:

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

How Shaping Cloud helped Salford Royal roll out a key clinical application to the public cloud.

Context and Drivers

Following the completion of an SC:Strategy engagement with the Northern Care Alliance, Shaping Cloud were engaged directly by Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust in order to further one of our key recommendations. Our view was that their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system, Allscripts Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM), would be a strong candidate for migration to Microsoft Azure.

Shaping Cloud were asked to demonstrate the viability and running costs for migrating the current version of Allscripts SCM to Microsoft Azure which would include test, development, training and live environments as working entities on Microsoft Azure. The outcome of the project would be a fully tested and signed off version of AllScripts running in Azure

This project was identified as a major initiative within Salford’s Global Digital Exemplar programme and required close collaboration between Shaping loud, Microsoft, AllScripts and Salford themselves.


In order to successfully migrate this service to Microsoft Azure Shaping Cloud undertook our SC:Transform offering, which delivered:

  • Planning, communication and engagement with Allscripts to define the migration approach and ensure support is available throughout
  • A detailed analysis on the infrastructure and application services associated with the Allscripts SCM application
  • A defined migration approach, with detailed architecture documents created for the end state solution design and a detailed project plan for the delivery of the end state solution.
  • A Proof Of Concept (POC) migration on a subset of SCM data.
  • An understanding of cloud service costs based on Microsoft Azure and the detailed bill of materials resulting from the design documentation.


The following excerpt comes from the final recommendations paper delivered to the SRFT project board:

The results of the POC project provided both a clear understanding of the design and a high degree of confidence in the suitability of Microsoft Azure technology to host Allscripts SCM.

The board have agreed that a full production roll-out of SCM in Azure should form part of the road-map within the new Alliance’s IT strategy and the POC also acted as an excellent training exercise for the current Salford IT team as they got a real hands-on experience of what migrating to Azure entails and the possibilities it creates for them to deliver a far higher level of service.

It’s great working with an SME that can take the time to understand the NHS, can take the time to understand the locality, and so for us it was really about that service that we got. They took time to understand us and actually tune their output to what we needed as well so with bigger companies you find a one size fits all model, it really wasn’t that – it was about the service that we needed.