Case Study:

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

How South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue have transformed their IT and improved efficiency through the exploitation of technology.

Shaping Cloud was commissioned to develop a Digital Transformation Strategy to modernise and improve efficiency through the exploitation of technology and rationalising and streamlining all elements of Information Communication Technologies (ICT).


All of the organisation’s processes were in scope (except the Command and Control). During the assignment we engaged with and interviewed over 60 staff, and reviewed the objectives, strategies, current costs and in-flight and planned projects.

We observed, documented and analysed their main business processes and ran discovery tools to capture and understand the current ICT infrastructure.

We validated the discovery information with key staff through interviews, business process reviews and several workshops, to consider the existing ICT estate, ICT Maturity Assessment and cloud opportunities.

We presented a range of key findings and recommendations, from which a strategic roadmap was developed. The strategic roadmap, supported by a business case was presented to the Executive and Management Boards.

Key Challenges

  • Many historic paper processes
  • Numerous information systems
  • Limited systems integration
  • Inability to access information for effective management reporting

Key Benefits

  • Reduced process bottlenecks and improved speed of processes and workflow
  • Improved data quality through more accurate recording and removing data duplication
  • Enhanced experience for end-users through reduced paper use and number of IT systems
  • Improved ability to gain real, insightful business intelligence to make positive impact business decisions
  • Improved integration of services and data within SYF&R and with other agencies
  • Moved to a single view to enable the most effective deployment of resources and targeting of services, also enhancing user experience
  • Improved mobile access for a highly mobile workforce which deals with a dispersed customer base


The strategic roadmap was approved by the Board and implementation has commenced.

Current Status

SYF&R were delighted with the outcomes achieved from this project. Shaping Cloud are retained to support resolution of the integration challenges.
A proof of concept (POC) project using our SPINR product is running to support improved information sharing with other public sector organisations to identify vulnerable people across the county.
The POC is also looking to remove duplicate data entry and improve reporting between their existing information systems.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue (SYFR) commissioned Shaping Cloud to analyse the amount of paper processes that were present and to help provide the organisation with a roadmap for digital transformation. Shaping Cloud were professional, thorough and dedicated in finding the manual and sub-optimal processes which SYFR needed to modernise. The report provided by Shaping Cloud was presented to our Senior Management Team and fully adopted and welcomed.