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Context and Drivers

Everyone in Greater Manchester deserves to live well. That’s why the NHS organisations and councils in Greater Manchester signed an historic devolution deal with the government. The Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership was formed to take charge of health and social care spending for the region and work together to improve the health, wealth and wellbeing of the 2.8 million people living in the region.

This Partnership (GM HSCP) developed a digital plan to:

  • connect and modernise the region’s health and social care system,
  • empower staff with technology that helps them provide better care, and
  • make services more accessible for people wherever they are in Greater Manchester.

To support their digital plan GM HSCP sought to understand the full range of IM&T system developments needed for a comprehensive approach to enabling delivery of clinical and financial sustainability by 2020/21. Shaping Cloud were engaged to capture the current technology provision across the GM region, support each organisation with their understanding of how cloud could benefit them, and to identify areas where organisations could collaborate to meet the following objectives:

  • Support the GM HSCP business and transformation programs to deliver STP and devolution objectives and ambitions for Greater Manchester
  • Opportunities to increase patient safety, improve clinical outcomes, and increase the wellbeing of citizens
  • Successfully accommodate ongoing budget and cost reduction, including improved operational efficiencies
  • Opportunities to consolidate and share applications and IT services between organisations
  • Cost avoidance associated with planned and unplanned asset refresh
  • Asset and facilities disposal and/or redeployment, including potential data centre decommissioning opportunities
  • Maintaining and improving internal and external service levels, risk mitigation and right-sizing in IT operations
  • The agile flexing up and down of IT services to meet the needs of business users
  • The ability to improve compliance with existing regulations.



Greater Manchester Health and Social Care

Launch Date:

8 May 2018

In Numbers:

  • 23 public sector organisations, including Hospitals, Local Authorities, Ambulance Service, Mental Health and Community Trusts
  • 42 datacentres
  • 200+ unique applications
  • 7000+ application servers
  • 1800+ database servers
  • 123,000+ user accounts


Shaping Cloud carried out a thorough review and provided for each organisation:

  • Inventory of assets
  • TCO current IM&T Infrastructure
  • Current State Architecture Schematics
  • Applications Assessment
  • Cloud-First Target Architecture Schematic
  • Future State TCO (if adopting target architecture)
  • Transformational Roadmap
  • Strategy
  • Business Case

Alongside these per organisation engagements, Shaping Cloud worked closely with the GM Digital teams to develop opportunities, inform decision makers and plans, and engage stakeholders across the region to move towards a common regional architecture. This included:

  • Monthly reports and presentations
  • Four iterations of a regional strategy report
  • Consolidated data and analysis
  • Regional opportunity development


As a consequence of this work, GM are now fully informed to progress with immediate and longer term plans to transform through adoption of digital solutions. Some of the examples include:

  • Regional Digital Platform, initially enabling the Local Health Care Record Exemplar (LHCRE) and a regional approach to Early Years
  • Regional Identity and Access Management solution (a follow-on Shaping Cloud engagement), as a critical part of the regional digital platform
  • Regional Backup and Recovery solution (a follow-on Shaping Cloud engagement)
  • Regional approach to direct engagement with prime Cloud Providers for the benefit of the region (led by Shaping Cloud)

Alongside these early wins, all organisations are working more collaboratively across the region to support each other in their individual and collective digital transformation journeys.


Homes England

IT Operations Manager

Shaping Cloud have been the best company we’ve worked with so far.

I approached shaping Cloud on recommendation to help me build Azure capability within my small team, the result being a fully configured Azure datacentre connected to our network which enabled my team to successfully pilot an application migration. I was really impressed with how Shaping Cloud handled the engagement from start to finish, including the valuable short on-site workshop session to walk the team through building and configuring Azure, which provided the added bonus of providing hands on training which was essential for us to be able to progress and support the service.