It is clear that digital transformation alone is not the answer for the public sector. Our Beyond Digital events aim to champion a re-imagining of public services with technology being led by outcomes and not by technologists.

The challenges that face the Public Sector are well documented – continuing to deliver core front-line services to an ageing citizen base whilst at the same time lowering the costs of delivering those services.

It is clear that technology has a large part to play in being able to deliver the transformation needed to these services, but that transformation can’t simply be a digital one. Organisations that have tried to embrace the “Digital by Default” mantra have in many cases simply replaced an inefficient paper based process with an equally inefficient digital one.

We look to highlight and champion organisations who have undergone transformations that go beyond digital. These are initiatives that fundamentally question the way that public services are delivered and seek to create a structure where the citizen is placed at the centre of the service. This “transformation first, digital second” approach has reaped significant benefits for them but more importantly also for their citizens.

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