Microsoft announce UK data centre region

By: Siobhan Wood on
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A look at the advantages of a UK data centre with our infrastructure director…

Satya Nadella recently announced that Microsoft will be building their 21st data centre region in the UK and it will be available before the end of 2016.

What does this mean?

Microsoft data centre regions are typically made up of multiple data centres, where Microsoft services providing IAAS, PAAS and SAAS based services in a geographically resilient fashion. These include services like Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Hosted Microsoft Dynamics. It’s been announced that one of the data centres will reside in the London area with a second location yet to be announced. By Microsoft operating in this way it means data is bound by UK law, is likely to be largely ran by UK nationals and will be technologically quicker to access your key business systems that are hosted there.

Why are Microsoft doing this?

In order to counter act the recent Safe Harbour ruling and competitors announcing on shore UK data centres, Microsoft are bolstering the year to date investment in public sector and looking to open the door to late adopters of cloud services. Security of cloud has been and will remain a perceived concern but as seen from European data centres, all steps have been taken to assure data is secured in a manner that meets UK government regulatory compliance, which is of course expected to be present in the UK region.

The advantage of using UK data centres is not just from a data sovereignty perspective. You can expect to achieve quicker access to services hosted on Azure services, that can be key for some client / server systems. This is because of the more local presence of the hosting provision to your organisation’s location. Microsoft have announced the presence of Express Route for its UK data centres, also enabling private connectivity to your data and guaranteeing a level of bandwidth provision.


All in all, this is a huge step forward in the provisioning of Microsoft Azure services and underlines the commitment Microsoft have and will continue to make in UK public sector. The advantage is with the public sector organisations. The proposition of cloud services within the public sector right now is overwhelming through a number of leading factors such as cost and efficiency in working practices, leading to:

  • Much quicker delivery / setup times for new projects and services
  • Lower amounts of wasted project resource
  • Cost efficient services (when taken into account the full total cost of ownership)

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