Six inspiring quotes about public sector digital transformation

By: Siobhan Wood on
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L-R: Jessica Figueras, Mark Langley, Max Tse, Andy Beale, Kevin Cunnington, Toni Townes-Whitley

Digital Transformation in the Public Sector certainly has its challenges, but its trailblazing nature means it’s especially important for those at the center of the fourth industrial revolution to share their experiences and advice. Here we explore six quotes from people who really know what they’re talking about to inspire you on your journey.

Jessica Figueras, Chief Analyst, GlobalData Public Sector

Jessica Figueras

Cloud technology has lots of business benefits and isn’t just a task for the IT department – it can play a vital strategic role in supporting your entire organisation. Seeking honest analysis on what a future state cloud solution looks like for you will allow you to discover whether to invest more time and resources in further investigation.

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Mark Langley, President and CEO, Project Management Institute (PMI)

Having clear specifications isn’t just a case of knowing cloud technology benefits and costs. It is important throughout the planning stage that alongside an agile plan to meet carefully determined milestones, you are agreeing on key information such as your guiding principles for the project, vision statements, and future state workstreams.

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Max Tse, Executive Leader with Oversight on Digital Transformation, National Audit Office (NAO)

At the heart of your planning should be communication with end-users, research, and analysis of data so you are focusing on their needs instead of making what could be costly mistakes caused by assumptions. Testing with users in the alpha stage ensures early feedback and will provide you with invaluable insights.

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Andy Beale, Co-founder and Principal, Stance Global

Digital transformation is putting an end to silos. Connecting information internally to improve how employees work together is as important as simplifying the user experience to link services and eliminate arduous processes for completing tasks. Knowledge sharing and discussion of findings should be the norm in the Public Sector.

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Kevin Cunnington, Director General, Government Digital Service (GDS)

Innovations in technology are happening all around us, all the time, and the needs of the user will continue to change. Understanding that the transformation of the Public Sector is ongoing (rather than a one-size-fits-all, one-off “task” you can complete and forget about) helps you to enjoy the journey and see learning curves, not mistakes.

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Toni Townes-Whitley, Corporate Vice President, Industry, Microsoft

Many organisations are reliant on systems and policies that aren’t built for this new world of IT. As well as focusing on increasing collaboration and removing silos now, leaders must be forward thinking and make changes with the future in mind. This open, transparent, holistic approach will ensure everyone is on the same journey, together.

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