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Commitment to Breaking the Bias | IWD2022

IWD22 - Break the Bias

Shaping Cloud hold a commitment to accelerate inclusivity and attain equality for our Women

March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) provides our organisation with the optimal opportunity to share our dedication to equality and inclusivity for women, and acknowledge the incredible accomplishments, achievements, and work of women across the globe. The theme this year (2022) is to Break the Bias.

Our company culture acknowledges the importance of honesty

History alone has revealed how unequal the place of work has been for women, with studies and statistics today indicating multiple unchanged obstacles in various areas including pay, law, and culture.

The company culture at Shaping Cloud focus around ‘trust, honesty, and the pursuit of happiness‘. We acknowledge that more than 20% of our lives are spent at work, so it is our ultimate goal to ensure that the time spent working at Shaping Cloud is enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding, but most importantly, that our Shapers feel heard. We acknowledge that we, as individuals, and collectively as an organisation, can not progress forward without having open and honest conversations with those we trust.

How Shaping Cloud are working to Break the Bias

We believe that the future of organisations flourishing begin and end with an inclusive, equitable, and diverse culture and subsequent workforce. Today, 37% of our workforce are women, 43% of our management are women, and 67% of our executive leads are women, and we are set to only increase this and beat the bias for women who work in tech.

Working together, we are proactively pushing the importance to celebrate International Women’s Day and work to break the bias.

As an organisation that operates within a stereotypically male dominated sector, we believe we must work harder to encourage, inspire, and provide women with optimism to be open, honest, and thrive, achieving their dreams, standing up for what they believe in, and helping accelerate and leading the future of work equitably.

See what our Professional Services Director, who is responsible for the People at Shaping Cloud has to say:

I truly believe that an Organisation like ours thrives when we are diverse and inclusive in our approach to talent acquisition. One key barrier is that the child care burden in the UK still falls unfairly on women and to counteract that we offer opportunities including part time, school hours and fully flexible hours roles based at home, to maximise family time. The tech sector has been stale for far too long and I hope that with the support from a progressive employer, we can encourage women of all ages to join us and help us grow.

Daniel Roach-Rooke, Professional Services Director

For International Women’s Day this year, Shaping Cloud have come together to share and confidently promote the women that work for us.

Take the plunge, come and work for us.

Shaping Cloud are continuously growing and evolving and are looking for new talent on a near regular basis. If you’re feeling inspired to take the plunge into a career (and sector in our case) that you only dreamt of, or if you’re looking to join an organisation that is honest, trusts in you, and is pro-actively working to #breakthebias, check out our open vacancies here. If you’d like to find out more information, be sure to connect and discuss this further with our Talent Acquisition Manager, Charlotte (Lottie) Clavin.

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