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Microsoft Outlook – Extra time – what everyone needs.

11 March 2021

To help workers tackle the latest disruption, remote working challenges and to assist workers globally with the challenges of organising their time, Microsoft are updating Outlook with two new efficiency tools.


Microsoft – Work without limits – 2021 Announcements

Microsoft have recently announced an exciting series of new features we’ve come to know and love the global leading technologists for. As the updates become available, our goal is to make it easy for you to access key information and understanding of how the technology can work for your organisation.


Leadership, technology and data will create the council of the future

12 December 2019

Local authorities will need strong leadership to break from traditional mindsets and harness the full potential of technology and data to deliver the council of the future, says Shaping Cloud director of consultancy Helen Gerling.


Top 5 digital initiatives within the public sector right now

15 October 2019

We love a digital transformation success story here at Shaping Cloud, so we thought we’d share with you our top five digital initiatives within the public sector right now. Let’s take a look at some of the great work being done within Data, Smart City, Health & Social Care, and Skills.


Microsoft Ignite should fuel public sector interest in Azure

9 October 2018

As ever, the Microsoft Ignite conference saw a raft of announcements around the Azure platform. Many should be of real interest to public sector technology leads. Shaping Cloud’s chief technical officer Tom Carter talks us through the key takeaways.


Northern Fail App: Commuter Frustrations, Beginnings & Political Effect

24 September 2018

Ah the trains, the comfortable fast Pendolino Virgin trains linking Manchester to London and then the good ol’ Northern pacers linking Manchester to Liverpool. A necessity for modern Britain to function: traveling to work, tourism life – we all rely on them at some point.


Why your council should take advantage of web & mobile systems

14 June 2018

A key advantage to introducing mobile systems is cost savings. In 2012 a SOCITM study of 120 local councils found the cost of contact for phone transactions averaged at £2.83


Why GDS and tech industry collaboration must underpin Government as a Platform

17 May 2018

As GDS regrouped after a series of high profile exits, including Bracken himself, and the dust settled on their remit of delivering digital exemplars more and more focus appeared to be going into the direction of Government as a Platform


Shaping Cloud & Profset

13 March 2018

Shaping Cloud are delighted to be a part of the PROFSET project in conjunction with the Universities of Sheffield & Gothenburg, along with both Sheffield and Bradford Councils.


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