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The benefits of a Microsoft Azure health check

22 July 2021

In 2020 alone, Microsoft Azure cloud hosting, commonly referred to as Azure, grew by 48%. While many businesses may be discovering the benefits of Azure cloud computing software, they may be unaware of the importance of an Azure health check and how it can benefit their business.


Why should a Data Strategy be a Priority for Organisations in 2021?

15 July 2021

Got a business? Then you’ve got data. But the real question is: how are you utilising that data? We all know what data is and the true value it possesses. But just for clarity, here’s a reminder: Data is the information gathered from research, analysis and observation.


5 of the most common mistakes made, when migrating to the Cloud.

10 May 2021

Recently, many companies have started migrating to the cloud to access top-grade technology, faster experiences, brilliant storage solutions and the ability to access data from almost anywhere in the world. Moving to the cloud could help your business to operate more efficiently and stay one step ahead in the competitive market.


Cloud infrastructure vs data centre – which is right for your business?

26 April 2021

Cloud computing is growing increasingly popular, yet many business owners continue to choose the path of the traditional inhouse datacentre. You may be asking yourself “why move to the cloud at all?” – but the truth is there are many benefits to consider.


Cloud Strategy – How to start your journey to the Cloud

20 April 2021

You hear the term ‘cloud’ all the time… You know it might help you solve some of your IT problems… But your IT team are busy firefighting your immediate problems and you’re worried that introducing cloud computing will be a stretch too far.


The Launch of Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services, Manufacturing and Non-profit organisations.

18 March 2021

Microsoft Launches new Industry Cloud verticals to accelerate innovation. Every industry has turned to digital technologies for resilience and agility as a necessity to survive during the current disruption of the Covid19 Global pandemic.


What’s new in Microsoft Teams?

12 March 2021

Meet, chat, call and collaborate in just one place. Microsoft Teams has become one of the leading video conferencing and instant messaging applications in today’s digital landscape. Making meeting easier, more flexible, and more effective.


Microsoft Outlook – Extra time – what everyone needs.

11 March 2021

To help workers tackle the latest disruption, remote working challenges and to assist workers globally with the challenges of organising their time, Microsoft are updating Outlook with two new efficiency tools.


Microsoft – Work without limits – 2021 Announcements

Microsoft have recently announced an exciting series of new features we’ve come to know and love the global leading technologists for. As the updates become available, our goal is to make it easy for you to access key information and understanding of how the technology can work for your organisation.


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