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Managed Cloud Services

Keeping you on course. The successful implementation of a new I.T. strategy needs constant revision, adjustment and support in order to reach the final destination. Shaping Cloud Managed service allows your organisation to benefit from the power of cloud computing without the pain of becoming an expert or having to recruit one. Working as your trusted cloud partner, SC: Manage Service provides Enterprise and Technical Architecture alongside engineering and project management resources on a monthly basis. Monthly reviews ensure the delivery and outcomes are in line with expectations.

Every Cloud Service has to be managed, partnering with a quality cloud managed service provider allows your organisation to focus on your core business, products, services and growth.

One of the hardest aspects of any transformation is building the momentum required to push through some of the big changes that need to be made in order to truly realise the benefit the strategy provides. By having resources solely focused on supporting those changes without the distractions of business as usual we have seen our partners achieve strategy realisation far quicker than those who attempt to spin both plates at the same time.

Shaping Cloud have extensive Cloud knowledge, years of experience in cloud strategy, migrations and managed services. With a highly certified and experiences support team who continuously deliver efficient solutions and facilitate enhanced productivity for our customers.

  • Monthly contracts with clear outcomes and full flexibility allow you to bring in the right skills at the right time.
  • Opportunity for your team to “learn while they earn” alongside expert resources across a number of disciplines.
  • Proven to deliver the benefits realisation of a cloud strategy quicker than when resources are being asked to do so alongside BAU.

Our Approach

At Shaping Cloud, our approach to Managed Services is to ensure that every customer is delighted with the value and quality of service they receive from us. We do this by:

  • Ensuring you only pay for what you need.
    • We bespoke the service around your needs vs. sticking to inflexible standard support tiers.
    • We don’t have any hidden fees or surprises.
    • We are transparent about the costs and why charges are what they are, so that you can influence reducing costs where this is needed to fit within budget envelopes.
  • Ensuring you get the best technical advice.
    • We ensure our technical staff stay up to date with their knowledge and certifications, so that you can rest assured that the advice you are getting is the best available.
    • We have support structures in place for all our staff, so that they can call on others with more experience and ability for issues outside of their own level of knowledge or experience.
    • We maintain strong partnerships with Microsoft and other 3rd parties that enable access to the best experts for unique or niche problems.
  • Being responsive and flexible.
    • We know that staying productive is important to all our clients, so we prioritise being responsive and finding solutions or workarounds so that you can get back to business, while we address the long-term technical fix. We have an exemplary track record when it comes to meeting and exceeding our response targets.
    • We know that in business, sometimes priorities change. So, within the scope of our resources for your contracted support service, we flex to meet your current priorities wherever possible.
  • Being proactive so that you can have peace of mind.
    • We proactively monitor your cloud services and review alerts – understanding and making decisions on each as delegated so that you can cut through the noise and focus on what matters.
    • We make recommendations and suggestions for improvements that will reduce risk, reduce cost, or improve performance and end-user experience.
    • We highlight technical changes that will be required as soon as we are aware of them, so that you can plan ahead and avoid future technical debt.




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