SC:Strategy is an advanced consultancy approach designed to kick-start your cloud journey. It has been developed to help organisations see the benefits that cloud services may bring – and to understand whether to invest more time and resources in further investigation.

SC:Strategy is a focused engagement to provide two key deliverables:

  • A rapid view of how cloud technologies can provide most benefit to your organisation

    Identifying the areas where you can best exploit cloud, meet your strategic aims and overcome tactical challenges.

  • A high-level business case that supports your strategic thinking

    Helping you understand the benefits of cloud and position it with other senior executives and stakeholders.

  • Why SC:Strategy now?

    Cloud technology is not just relevant to the IT department in your organisation. There are a wide range of business benefits in adopting a cloud approach, not simply technical ones.

    All organisations are being impacted by the rise of ‘shadow IT’ where employees use their own consumer-grade cloud services for work purposes to facilitate remote working and collaboration. It makes sense to embrace the technology and look more strategically at how cloud can play a key role in supporting your organisation.

    • Build the Business Case

      Gain an independent review and business case for cloud technologies – aligned to your organisation’s strategic aims

    • Focus on the Return

      Idenify ‘quick wins’ for early financial or operational payback

    • Open Dialogue

      Receive recommendations on wide range of areas: website, business continuity, apps, infrastructure, service management, end user collaboration, desktop services

    • Create your Roadmap

      Understand ‘art of the possible’ for apps – an opportunity for rationalisation and setting guiding principles

    • Collaborative Approach

      Enhance your organisational understanding of cloud technologies

    • Full Cost Analysis

      Determine the case for future investment of time and resources.

    The SC:Strategy Timeline

    1. Pre-Discovery Phase

    Before visiting you on-site, Shaping Cloud supplies a set of templates for your team to complete. A timeline is agreed for key stakeholders to be available for interview.

    2. Discovery Phase

    Shaping Cloud is on-site to meet the delivery teams, interview stakeholders and gather information arising from the Pre-Discovery Phase.

    3. Analysis

    The information gathered during the Discovery Phase is processed and analysed. Requests for clarification are communicated as needed.

    4. Business Case

    A high-level business case for cloud is created along with an executive summary.

    5. Executive Presentation

    Delivered by a senior consultant, the presentation to senior executives and stakeholders is followed by a Q&A to discuss findings and recommendations.

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