SC:Transform provides customers with strategic direction and thought leadership on their journey to cloud. This is underpinned by real world expertise of cloud technologies, business analysis project management and service design. Our approach encompasses consultancy, detailed planning and migration services, facilitating live cloud services, be that public, private or hybrid, aligned to your business need.

SC:Transform is structured to fit around an organisations journey to cloud, from business case, to architectural design, to service migration through to ongoing support of the new cloud environment.

  • Discover

    A consultancy project that provides analysis of current state infrastructure, applications, data and service processes.

  • Plan

    A focused solution architecture project that can be run as a standalone activity or in addition to a Discover project.

  • Migrate

    Our team have countless successful migrations. They integrate with your IT team in delivering your future state.

  • Support

    A service to ensure that the new infrastructure meets all of it’s SLA's and continues to deliver an ROI.

  • Thinking about Cloud?Discover how it could work for you

    Discover is a consultancy project that provides analysis of current state infrastructure, applications, data and service processes through a series of interviews with key stakeholders. This enables a broad understanding of the current IT service and an insight into the key issues and requirements of a future state cloud solution.

    The results are then used to form the recommended future state solution design with underlying initiatives road-map and business case information, providing the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ behind the future state design. At key times throughout the process we provide workshops to review findings and agree on key information such as guiding principles, vision statements and future state work-streams.

    • Current state capture

      A detailed view of the current IT service, typically including Applications, Infrastructure, Data, IT Service process and business interaction.

    • Business Case

      Providing a clear and concise business case based on current costs, service scope and of course the future cloud solution defined as part of the future state design.

    • Future state design

      Provides a high level solution diagram of a transformed IT service running on a cloud platform and recommendations of where your organisation can most exploit cloud.

    Ready to move to Cloud?Plan for the journey ahead

    Plan is a focused solution architecture project that can be run as a standalone activity or in addition to the Discover methodology described above.

    The goal of the process is to provide technical architecture documentation that outlines the future state solution in a series of diagrams and explanations. This is most useful for cloud migrations and detailed planning activities, moving through a series of documented stages from conceptual to physical architecture documentation, defining the solution blueprint for the implementation and delivery of the solution.

    Where necessary, large projects are broken down into multiple work streams to enable parallel working. Our program and project management capability are on hand to ensure projects are managed and governed professionally in accordance with the PRINCEII project management methodology to ensure a smooth and effective transition approach.

    • Service centered design

      IT is there to support the organisation and more importantly to serve it's users. When planning any future state architecture we make sure this interaction is at the heart of any transformation

    • User focused

      We put communication with end-users at the heart of any planning. That communication eliminates assumptions and allows us to focus on their needs

    • Milestone based

      Transformation is a long road and tackling it in one big bang approach is full of pit-falls. We advocate an Agile plan that splits each part of the plan into discreet and achievable milestones.

    Moving to Cloud?Migrate with confidence

    Migrate is where all of the planning and understanding that has been gathered from previous phases is put to action. Using the work-streams and milestones identified our team will begin to implement the future state design. Our team have years of experience in cloud migrations and countless successful deliveries. They fully integrate into your organisation and work with you in delivering the full future state infrastructure.

    We do not only look at moving the services to the cloud but rather take a holistic approach that comprises service desk, change management and end user training to ensure that the migration goes as smoothly as possible. Our approach is open and transparent and ensures that everybody comes on the journey.

    • Deep Expertise

      As one of the first Microsoft Gold Cloud partners and with a background in the Microsoft Cloud going back to the very first release of Azure our team have a depth of expertise in the Microsoft Cloud that is second-to-none

    • Security at Every Stage

      We engage independent security specialists at all stages of the migration to make sure that your cloud environment exceeds all recognised standards.

    • Detailed Project Reporting

      We do not work in isolation and we do not hide from having difficult conversations. We know there will be bumps on the road, our attitude is to accept them and work with you to minimise their impact.

    Running a Cloud environment?Support your investment

    A key tenet of any move to the cloud is that it allows an organisation to focus on it's core competencies and customers. Many of our clients have a service desk in place to deal with first line support and user issues, but not all of them have the necessary technical skills in-house to deal with the infrastructure and Level 3 tickets.

    Support is there to make sure that the new cloud and hybrid infrastructure meets all of it’s SLA levels and continues to deliver a return for the organisation.

    • Dedicated service desk

      All customers receive a dedicated service manager and access to our service desk. Our team can also integrate directly into your own support process.

    • Reporting and Business Intelligence

      We run a wide range of daily processes and checks to ensure the environment is running as expected. These reports are always available and we will produce detailed monthly & quarterly reports on the service status.

    • On-site engineers

      Whilst the cloud offers tremendous benefits when it comes to remote working we still believe in the power of face-to-face conversation & collaboration. We want to be viewed as a part of the team and our engineers will be regularly on-site to build that relationship.

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