Building digital services that focus on the user needs is in our DNA. We've been building cloud solutions since Shaping Cloud was founded in 2010. SC:Develop is our packaged solution to tackling the creation of any new digital service, be it a website, a mobile app or a platform.

We have successfully delivered projects for the likes of the BBC, Microsoft, Red Bull, Harper Collins and Thomson Reuters. We understand the complex nature of any development project but we retain a complete focus on the end user and ensure that all complexity is hidden from view.

SC:Develop Design Principles

  • User-centered

    Service design starts with identifying user needs. If we don’t know what the user needs are, we won’t build the right thing. We undertake research, analyse data and talk to users.

  • Data-driven

    We let data drive decision-making, not hunches or guesswork. Analytics are built-in, always on and easy to read. They’re an essential tool.

  • Iterative

    The best way to build good services is to start small and iterate. It makes big failures unlikely and turns small failures into lessons.

  • Open

    The more eyes there are on a service the better it gets. We share code and experiences so that mistakes are spotted, better alternatives are pointed out and the bar is raised.

  • Accesible

    Accessible design is good design. Everything we build should be as inclusive, legible and readable as possible.

  • Secure

    Users have to trust the service in order for it to be successfully adopted. All SC:Develop projects go through a full independent security analysis before launch.

Building a Service with SC:Develop

1. Discovery

A short phase, in which you start researching the needs of your service’s users, find out what you should be measuring, and explore technological or policy-related constraints.

2. Alpha

A short phase in which you prototype solutions for your users' needs. You’ll be testing with a small group of users or stakeholders, and getting early feedback about the design of the service.

3. Beta

You’re developing against the demands of a live environment, understanding how to build and scale while meeting user needs. You’ll also be releasing a version to test in public.

4. Live

The work doesn’t stop once your service is live. You’ll be iteratively improving your service, reacting to new needs and demands, and meeting targets set during its development.

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