You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Now more than ever, it is vital to build a robust business case for adopting cloud.

What is SC:Calculate?

Whilst the most recent UK Digital Strategy is unequivocal in it’s view that the sector should be making use of cloud technologies, the reality, now more than ever, is that for a public sector organisation to invest in and adopt a new structure of I.T. delivery, there has to be a thorough and compelling business case.

SC:Calculate is one of the core outputs from our SC:Strategy methodology. Over time, it has become clear that for many of our partner organisations it provides the key to unlocking the support and investment required to realise the potential of a hybrid cloud infrastructure. That is why we have now begun to offer the output as a standalone option for organisations who don’t require the other outputs from our strategy work.

Based on the approach and methodology outlined in HM Treasury’s Green Book, SC:Calculate builds a ‘five case model’ for change. It comes from an understanding that strategies, programmes and projects will only achieve their spending objectives and deliver benefits if they have been scoped robustly and planned realistically from the outset and the associated risks taken into account.

What our clients say...

Shaping Cloud provided me with a high quality decision making framework and business case to support my cloud migration aspirations within a 2-week time frame and at an affordable price. The team demonstrated a great understanding of our current infrastructure and how Microsoft Azure could be leveraged across a number of key initiatives.


  • Working with you to build your business case for hybrid cloud
  • Provides you with a full cost analysis and the underpinning case for investment.
  • Helps you to identify quick wins for early financial or operational payback


  • Easily understand costs, opportunities and business justification of cloud
  • Proven and transparent process, based on the ‘five case model’, providing easy to understand results and a framework that can be reused.
  • Strengthens your tactical and strategic decision making process for moving services to cloud.