SC:Discovery is an IT estate capture service, helping to optimise your IT operations by empowering you to make decisions and take action.

What is SC:Discovery?

Don’t let a lack of information about the current state of your IT infrastructure put your strategic project plans on hold.

Are you considering any of the following changes?

  • Digital transformation
  • Migrating to the cloud
  • Moving to a new service provider
  • Merger, acquisition or any significant change
  • New CIO or Exec looking to understand cost & risk

If you’re working on any of the above changes and have a lack of documented infrastructure, then Shaping Cloud can help.

Why Shaping Cloud?

We understand how important it is for you to be informed in order to make the right decisions and we also know what it takes to create a full and accurate picture of your IT estate. In fact, we have done this for over 25 public sector organisations, in order for them to unlock new opportunities by getting more value from the available IT spend.

Our pedigree is known among key client partners across the sector, such as Mark at Lancashire County Council. Perhaps it’s time you put our experienced team to work on your strategic projects, so you can get the benefit too.

What our clients say...

The speed with which Shaping Cloud were able to understand and map our complex environment and then deliver outputs of such quality and depth was truly impressive.

SC:Discovery gives you

  • A full asset inventory
  • A complete view of all ‘running’ applications
  • Interdependencies between these applications
  • Full cost of ownership - TCO & unit prices

How long does it take?

  • Usually 2-4 weeks to complete the work
  • Allow up-to 4 weeks lead time to schedule your SC:Discovery project - the sooner you get in touch the sooner we can start!

How to procure SC:Discovery?

  • Directly
  • G-Cloud 11
  • Bloom Framework
  • Digital Marketplace - Digital Outcomes and Specialists

How much does it cost?

  • Prices start from £5k per organisation – subject to size and complexity.