Cloud isn’t a silver bullet. We help partners understand which of their applications are ready to move to cloud as well as those that aren’t.

What is SC:Identify?

The landscape for public and hybrid cloud is an ever-evolving scene. Providers such as Microsoft are pushing new features into their platforms faster than most organisations are able to keep up. Applications and services that may not have been cloud candidates 6 months ago may now be perfectly suited to their latest IaaS and PaaS services.

Whilst there are many tools on the market that provide “Cloud Readiness Assessments” based on fully software based process, we believe that these tools miss out on a huge amount of the subtlety in choosing candidates for cloud migration. Just because a server could “technically” be moved to Azure, doesn’t mean that it should.

The SC:Identify service uses a hybrid approach of in-house developed discovery scripts combined with our expert team of engineers, technical and enterprise architects to truly asses a services readiness for cloud. Because we are in control of 100% of the process it means we can continuously enhance and improve the tool and it’s findings based on the latest releases from Microsoft.

What our clients say...

Shaping Cloud spent the time to understand the issues we were having, and delivered an almost seamless transition to a more reliable infrastructure, meaning that IT does not limit us anymore but facilitates us.


  • A cloud readiness assessment that has been designed to factor the complexity of current service delivery and the evolving cloud landscape
  • A hybrid approach that combines custom built discovery scripts with in person interviews and expert analysis.
  • All outputs and findings shared with your team to allow them to run future assessments.


  • Rapidly asses an applications suitability for cloud with complete certainty.
  • A constantly refined and enhanced process that ensures the assessment includes all of the latest cloud technologies
  • Allows you to group candidate applications into logically defined services with all inter-dependencies factored in.