Change is good. Adopting cloud means new ways of thinking about I.T. service delivery are needed.

What is SC:Operate?

A key component of the Enterprise Architecture toolkit, a Target Operating Model helps determine the best design and deployment of resources to achieve an organisation’s business goals. SC:Operate has been built to provide partner organisations with the clarity on what people and processes a hybrid cloud infrastructure will require.

Changing the operating model requires both strategy and change management. Therefore, a strong governance structure that monitors changes in all dimensions of the target operating model is critically important. The five key tenets of a good governance program are: The right configuration, mandate, people, metrics and tools.

Building a new operating model doesn’t mean that things won’t go wrong or that cloud initiatives result in a successful outcome. However, it does provide a robust approach for handling those issues and rapidly applying the lessons learned back into the organisation.

What our clients say...

Shaping Cloud are seen as a strategic partner and are working closely with the leadership team. They have been able to use their extensive experience in the Education sector and strong ties with Microsoft to add value to the University’s decision making process.


  • A tailored target operating model for your organisation
  • Provides the foundation and flexibility required to execute on organisational initiatives
  • Focuses on both hard and soft skills — structures, systems, staffing, style and shared values


  • Brings everyone on the team to the same page and engenders a sense of purpose and a shared mission
  • Helps to optimise resources, maximise effectiveness and accelerate the path forward.
  • Creates a simple construct of a future steady state business model and value drivers that can be developed internally over time.