Potential won’t get you anywhere without direction. Designed to encompass all aspects of an I.T. strategy that leverages hybrid cloud.

What is SC:Strategy?

There is no one size fits all approach to adopting cloud within an organisation.

Public sector bodies will all share a common ground when it comes to their infrastructure, many will run the same applications to deliver similar services. However, beneath those commonalities, the differences become clear — each organisations network, security, storage, hardware refresh cycle, software licensing and most importantly of all people will be at completely different stages.

SC:Strategy has been designed in a way that means we spend as much time considering the current state as we do planning the future. Only by understanding what your organisations starting point is, can you successfully plot a course to where you want to go. This is done by spending time with you and your team and regularly checking back to ensure all outputs are aligned to your own guiding principles.

The service encompasses many of our other standalone services such as SC:Identify, SC:Operate and SC:Calculate. At the end of the engagement you are left with high quality outputs that encompass your as-is and to-be architectures with detailed TCO’s, cloud candidacy reports and a thorough business case. All of this is then summarised into a documented strategy that can be presented to executive stakeholders.

Watch the Case Study

Rachel Dunscombe from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Phill James from The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust explain how SC:Strategy helped them.

What our clients say...

SC:Strategy was a great opportunity to work with Shaping Cloud and Microsoft as we assess the benefits of moving to Microsoft Azure. Within a month we were provided with a feasibility study on which services and applications would be the best candidates for the Azure platform along with a detailed financial breakdown. The speed with which Shaping Cloud were able to understand and map our complex environment and then deliver outputs of such quality and depth was truly impressive.

Working with Shaping Cloud was an enlightening experience. They bought new ideas, they’re good listeners, they gave good quality feedback. They were very keen to talk to the right types of people in the organisation, not just the technicians. They came to us with a lot of knowledge. They were coming willing to learn about how they could best help us as well the first thing that comes to mind was the professionalism of the presentation actually - you get a good strong documentation at the end. But it’s not just about the technology: it’s about the culture, it’s about other aspects of your business that are impacted about the decision to go to cloud, and that’s what impressed me the most.


  • A bespoke hybrid cloud strategy for your organisation that identifies opportunities for short, medium and long term benefits realisation.
  • A range of high quality outputs that enhance your current approach to Enterprise Architecture
  • Detailed Total Cost of Ownership models for both current and future states help you understand the true costs of your infrastructure.


  • The entire process is run in an open an transparent way, with stakeholder engagement throughout to ensure your own guiding principles sit at the heart of the strategy.
  • Demonstrates the compelling Return on Investment that a well executed hybrid cloud infrastructure can achieve.
  • Strengthens your tactical and strategic decision making process for moving services to cloud.