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Shaping Cloud offering new Azure VMware Solution (AVS) 

The general availability for the newly evolved Azure VMware Solution (AVS) was reported during the Microsoft Ignite 2020 virtual conference. Today, Shaping Cloud are proud to announce AVS is now an option and service we can provide our clients. 

The latest version of the Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is endorsed by VMware, architected by Microsoft, and built on the Azure infrastructure. This provides an integrated experience with Microsoft’s Azure services that customers can exploit to their own benefit.

Customers who have run the previous CloudSimple Azure VMware Solution, can now seamlessly migrate to the latest releases leveraging VMware HCX. Find more information on how through Microsoft Azure FAQ.  Customers that have VMware on premise can swiftly take advantage of hybrid cloud using HCX and AVS.  

Azure VMware Solution: Solutions 

With the Azure VMware Solution, our clients can seamlessly migrate their datacentre (DC) VMware-based workloads to Azure and integrate VM (virtual machines) environments with Azure.

Through AVS, organisations can manage their existing environments, utilising the same VMware tools whilst modernising applications through Azure’s cloud-native services, and take full advantage of Azure as ‘the best cloud for your Microsoft Windows and SQL Server workloads.’ 

AVS migration comes without the effort, costs, or risk(s) that is typically accompanied with re-tooling operations and re-architecting applications.   

Azure VMware Solution: Benefits

Organisations who make the move to AVS can experience on-demand scalability, automation of services, and fast provisioning of VMware workloads. They too can benefit from the continued utilisation of existing VMware tools, skills, and investments including vSphere, NSX, vSAN, and HCX. 

The more specific benefits of an AVS migration include:  

  • Fast path to the cloud for a seamless migration of VMware workloads   
  • Secure, stable, and scalable environment for VMware workloads in Azure  
  • Minimising risks 
  • Simplifies multi-environment operations  
  • Lower cost of Microsoft Applications such as Windows & SQL server 2008/2012  
  • Better security and faster delivery of modern applications 
  • Leveraging pre-existing VMware skills, tools, and management 
  • Leveraged investments into technology – VMware & Microsoft Azure  

And so much more.  

Why make the move to Azure with Shaping Cloud?

Moving your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud can be a complex and time-consuming journey. But, with Shaping Cloud’s 10+ years’ experience in cloud services, your organisation will be enabled with a seamless, stable, and secure migration path.  

Shaping Cloud are a Gold Microsoft Partner with extensive technical and consulting Azure expertise, delivering improved performance and maximum results.

We optimise Microsoft best practise but also take a pragmatic approach to migration due to our technical experience – providing a solution that best fits your organisational needs. 

Shaping Cloud: AVS Migration 4-week Proof of Concept  

Shaping Cloud’s Azure VMware Solution (AVS) proof of concept (POC) is a VMware validated solution running natively on Azure. Providing a range of Azure services including enhanced security, Azure Active Directory (AAD), Azure management, data retention (DR) and backup – all provisioned and managed by Shaping Cloud’s experienced technical team.  

Our AVS Proof of Concept (POC) is a 3-stage process: 

  1. Plan the deployment This is critical for a successful production-ready environment for creating VM’s and migration. 
  2. Deploy Azure VMware solution & connect to on-premises environment Once we have planned your deployment we will deploy and configure your Azure VMWare solution private cloud. The planning phase will have defined whether we use an existing or new ExpressRoute virtual network gateway. We will then connect your on-premises environment to your AVS private cloud. 
  3. Test & Review We’ll test the connectivity and review the test cases to validate the solution. We can then put steps in place to move you from a POC environment to the full solution. 

The Shaping Cloud AVS POC combines best in class technologies with a proven internal methodology. 

By migrating with Shaping Cloud, you will be utilising expert and specialist Azure partners, that have the knowledge and experience to provide a manageable, seamless, and comprehensive transformation. Plus, having worked in the cloud for 10+ years, our technology experts also have extensive cloud migration experience in both the public and private sectors. 

We are here to help 

Whether you are ready for the move, or simply keen to find out more information, head over to Azure Marketplace for more detail on our current AVS offers. If you would prefer to have a one-to-one to find out exactly how this service can benefit your organisation, or ask any questions –  book in your meeting today or contact us directly at hello@shapingcloud.com 

Azure VMware Solution - VMware Verified

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