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Shaping Cloud - Your Strategic Microsoft Gold Partner

Welcome to the Intelligent Cloud

Dedicated to a cloud first, mobile first future that goes beyond hosting. We deliver innovative software, platform and infrastructure cloud solutions that reduce costs, increase efficiency and drive engagement.

Shaping Cloud are a Microsoft Gold Partner who are dedicated to delivering true digital transformation. Formed in 2010, we have seen the ever-growing benefits of cloud adoption across many sectors. Our mission is to help clients differentiate between the cloud that is just an illusion and that which brings true transformational value.


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A Pureplay Cloud Partner

We Are Shaping Cloud

We believe that cloud services provide a unique opportunity for organisations to re-imagine the way services are delivered and drive better outcomes for staff and customers alike.

Our products and services have been designed to ensure you get the most out of your investment in cloud – giving you tangible and lasting benefits that set your organisation apart.

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Our Clients

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

CEO NHS Digital Academy & Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

It’s great working with an SME that can take the time to understand the NHS

It’s great working with an SME that can take the time to understand the NHS, can take the time to understand the locality, and so for us it was really about that service that we got. They took time to understand us and actually tune their output to what we needed as well so with bigger companies you find a one size fits all model, it really wasn’t that - it was about the service that we needed.